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My name is Nicholas A. Ferrell. By day, I am a legal research specialist and law writer in the area of U.S. immigration law. I write for myself as a hobby. In that capacity, I am the editor of The New Leaf Journal, a growing online magazine dedicated to perennially virid content. You will find most of my work there.

In addition to The New Leaf Journal, I am working on several other writing projects. I had started this Bearblog without much of an idea of what I would use it for. Going forward, you will find short pieces on my various projects, occasional short musings, and my syndicated content from The New Leaf Journal and elsewhere. (If you visited previously, I deleted my old posts to start over with a new focus.)

Find Me Online

Below, I will list the various places that you can find me online.

The New Leaf Journal

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Other Writing Projects

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