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I used to use Goodreads to keep track of my reading. However, I opted to delete my Goodreads a few months ago and start over fresh with a new solution. For social sharing (and linking to my website), I have temporarily settled on Open Library in conjunction with Libreture (DRM-free ebooks) and Inventaire (physical books). However, I want my own primary solution to be local. After trying a few ideas, including Zim, I have now settled on maintaining a Markdown file with a table containing my books. While I know that some people do not like markdown tables, I have become a fan.

My review of the markdown table creator extension for Ulauncher

So far it works well, but I will see how it holds up over time. My idea is to have one markdown file for my reading tracker and a separate directory in the same larger directory for individual book notes and comments. I can then turn those notes into content for my main project at The New Leaf Journal and side-projects like NAF Musings here on Smol Pub.

If you are looking for a good markdown editor for writing, I recommend Ghostwriter.

My review of Ghostwriter
My writer's case for markdown


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