Thoughts on New OpenOffice Release

I read yesterday that there is a new release of Apache OpenOffice (4.1.13). Despite the news release, the new release is less than exciting - it mostly consists of minor bug fixes.

HTTP News Article on Phoronix

All of the OpenOffice takes I read noted the obvious. OpenOffice 4.1 was released eight years ago. The office suite is barely being maintained. LibreOffice, a fork of OpenOffice, is carrying on its legacy and also vitiating any need for OpenOffice's continued existence.

I used OpenOffice in the early 2010s. When I needed a new office suite in 2014 and 2015 and did not want to pay for MS Word, I found LibreOffice after a tiny bit of digging and went with that. When I installed Manjaro Linux on my main desktop workstation in 2020, I went with LibreOffice, and I also run LibreOffice on two laptops and my re-purposed old desktop (all run different flavors of Linux).

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On the challenges of managing different package managers (HTTP)

I asked myself if I had some kind of novel, Earth-shattering take on the new OpenOffice release. Alas, I do not. If you are using OpenOffice, you should stop doing that and install LibreOffice. Well, here is one take - I prefer LibreOffice Fresh to LibreOffice Still, although I have read that some users have issues with it. Of course, I do my word-processing in markdown and then convert documents that need to be in docx or odf using Pandoc, so I do not spend too much time in LibreOffice either.

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