The Peekier Search Engine Scare

I aspire to produce evergreen content at The New Leaf Journal. I also write occasional tech reviews. To be sure, tech reviews are not reliable evergreen content, but I try to find things to review which also implicate broader themes and points. I reviewed the Peekier search engine at the end of February in line with this idea. Although Peekier is largely a Bing wrapper (like most privacy-focused search engines), it has a very strong privacy policy and presents search results in a unique way. Moreover, Peekier has been around for about six years, so I figured that it'd be a reliable review subject.

Two days ago, I received an email from a reader who had enjoyed my Peekier review. The reader asked whether I knew why Peekier seemed to be down. I have been trying a few different search engines in recent weeks - so I had not used Peekier too much. I looked into the situation and discovered that Peekier was indeed down. Troubling!

Now I was troubled for two reasons. Firstly, Peekier is a good project and one that deserves attention. Secondly, I don't want a review that I put quite a bit of work into to be obsolete 1.5 months after publication, especially since the Peekier review has been one of my better-performing articles.

Fortunately, I had reason to believe that the problem was temporary. It was usually possible to access the Peekier homepage (albeit nothing else), and whenever the homepage was inaccessible, an error message showed that there was a server issue. My optimism proved founded - Peekier seems to be up and running again.

If you are not familiar with Peekier, I recommend giving it a look. It lacks some features that would be necessary for it to be a full primary search engine, but its tools are useful for some unexpected tasks (e.g., I find it very good for searching for court decisions). See (http) links below for more information.

The Peekier Search Engine

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