Returning to Fire Emblem Three Houses

I am in the midst of my third Fire Emblem: Three Houses run. I first beat the game back in 2019 playing the Blue Lions route on hard. In 2020, I completed my first Maddening run (non New Game+) playing the Golden Deer route (the second run was after clearing the DLC scenario). I started a Black Eagles maddening run (non New Game+) last year. Prior to June 16, I had last played in October or November of 2021. I knew I was deep in my Black Eagles run, but I was not sure how deep. It turned out that I was at the preparation screen for the main battle in the penultimate chapter.

Would I be rusty? Would I finally pay a price for turning Bernadetta and Edelgard into magical girls?

On my return to Fire Emblem

I would not. I won a surprisingly clean victory for having not played in months and having no warm-up. I just completed the final two paralogues I had left (Petra's/Bernadetta's and Edelgard's). Both were easy, albeit I had to put an end to Edelgard's when I became concerned that I was going to break all of my swords dodge-tanking endless streams of Wyvren Lords.

I now prepare for the final battle. Will it go smoothly? I think so - but we'll see.

Last year, I wrote an article about my favorite Three Houses story, that time in my second run when Lysithea, the proverbial glass cannon mage, proved to be far tankier than I had expected against sword- and axe-wielding brutes.

Lysithea the tank


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