SimpleLogin and Custom Domains

I signed up for a premium account with SimpleLogin, a FOSS email aliasing service. The free plan would be robust for normal purposes, but premium allows for the creation of unlimited aliases and provides custom domain support.

I was originally interested in the custom domain support because my preferred email provider for personal use, Posteo, does not support custom domains. After I configured my custom domain with Posteo, I thought of another good use for custom domains with SimpleLogin.

SimpleLogin seems like a good service that should last, but what if it doesn't? Changing a large number of emails for various accounts would be a pain. I was purchasing a domain that I needed for a website on Porkbun when it occurred to me that I could buy a cheap domain solely for various accounts. Porkbun offers .cyou domains for a very low price. Why not?

Now I have my own custom domain to create aliases with - so if anything happens to SimpleLogin (self-hosting it would probably be a bit beyond my capabilities), I can port my aliases somewhere else.

Relevant links:

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In news from my own project, I created a new resources page for FOSS software and services. You will find SimpleLogin on the growing list.

NLJ FOSS Software and Services


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