Testing Webmentions on WordPress

I decided to try installing Webmentions on my WordPress site. Ran into an issue that I set it up while my cache plugin was caching every page on site. Since I am not in a rush, I ran my tests with the pages that had not yet been cached when I was installing everything.

I ran my main tests on one of my favorite articles:

Welcome to The Emu Café

I was able to receive Webmentions as comments. Without Semantic Backlinks installed, Webmentions were not visible. I could, however, reply to Webmentions. Those replies were visible. (Note that I disable commenting on my site.) Semantic Backlinks does work properly, but it adds CSS to every page on my site, so I will monitor it to see if it causes a performance issue. In light of the fact that I have cache preload enabled (not to mention way too many server resources), I think that it should be fine.

Aside - this post is testing another component of this. We'll see what happens.


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