White Day Around the Corner

On my main project, The New Leaf Journal, I often produce content for holidays and other notable occasions. For example, I published an article yesterday about an interesting George Washington painting in honor of our first president's 290th birthday.

The Masonic Portrait of George Washington

In 2021, I published a good amount of content for Valentine's Day. My plans to do so in 2022 were dashed in large part by the fact that I spent the end ofJanuary and beginning of February on administrative work for the site. First, I moved The New Leaf Journal from cheap shared hosting on Bluehost to a Cloud VPS server with Hetzner (using Cloudron to make the process a bit more manageable). Having decided that this was not enough work, I then switched our SEO plugin from Yoast to The SEO Framework, re-did a few hundred article meta descriptions, and modified other parts of the site to take advantage of our much more powerful hosting.

The result of all of this was a dearth of Valentine's Day content. However, I remembered that I have a loophole.

As I note in my profile, I am a Japanese anime fan. It was through anime that I learned about White Day, an occasion where people who received chocolate or other gifts on Valentine's Day return the favor (my understanding from anime, which must be 100% on point, is that girls typically give gifts on Valentine's Day and boys return the favor on White Day).

Wikipedia on White Day

Last year, I turned White Day into a post-Valentine's Day dialogue at The New Leaf Journal.

White Day dialogue

On White Day itself, I published what has been by far our most-read article for the last year - a history of Natsume Sōseki and tsuki ga kirei.

History of tsuki ga kirei

It occurred to me today that I do not need to save all of my Valentine's day content until 2023. I have until White Day. This is something like the 12 days of Christmas. Better though - one month of Valentine's Day.

End note:

I am proud to have produced the only blog post in history that brings together a Masonic portrait of George Washington, anime, and web hosting.


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